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About us

Badr sheban Company, a Syrian trading company active in several commercial sectors, the most important of which are the trade and import of household electrical appliances to the Syrian market, and the trade and packaging of foodstuffs in the Turkish market


The company's business has developed and obtained exclusive sales for well-known brands in the Arab markets


Poor political conditions and the beginning of the war in Syria caused the company to move the company's business headquarters to the Turkish province of Gaziantep, close to Aleppo province, to continue business from there.


The Sumex brand has spread throughout the Syrian markets (especially in the north of Syria) with a package of products that meet all consumer needs in the Syrian markets


Shaiban Trading Company was founded by Mr. Badr Ahmed Shaiban, which started trading electrical and household appliances at the time


With the increase in commercial business and widespread spread in all Syrian governorates, the company obtained exclusive sales of the products of the international Korean company Daewoo until 2008.


With the beginning of 2013, a new business phase began with a new strategy to focus on the Sumex brand to meet all household electrical appliances products.


The number of Sumex products has reached more than 75 basic products, with many options of specifications, colors, and other different tastes among consumers.

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